Kreasi Donat Panggang Supaya Tidak Gosong


Kreasi Donat Panggang Supaya Tidak Gosong - In school as usual taciturn but not when lessons are always crowded because of my actions, I belong to students who are intelligent and active. All teachers and even students in addition classmates know me, my teacher is in school tauladanku of course I respect them because should I build it, not only at school wherever I am I hope I keep istiqomah O Lord my heart. Surely the most important role model in my life is my beloved Prophet Muhammad, he is a role model of every Muslim in the world.

Mom always taught me patience and fortitude of this life. My father was a leader who is responsible and wise had never seen her mother snapped. Mother was always treated as a queen and the father is the king. They are so strong. They believe in the Almighty always love them, all kinds of trials trials they face is evidence of the love of the creator.

A few years later I Usama now become a governor in my town. Deserted hamlet now renamed with the name of peace bustling hamlet populated and prosperous. The king and my queen was so happy they cried with thanksgiving to Allah the Almighty. I hug the body emaciated parents with their two children, and my beloved wife. "Amam prince mothers and fathers who had now successfully bu father, mother and father not to worry and cry again I do not want you to be sad anymore. I always want you terseyum "I said quietly, weeping mothers more serene, happy tears that I have never heard of.

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Kreasi Donat Panggang Supaya Tidak Gosong